National Association of People with AIDS
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NAPWA advocates on behalf of all persons in the United States living with HIV and AIDS. As the trusted voice for the community, NAPWA guards against public defamation and/or stigmatization of people with AIDS and their networks. NAPWA works in partnership with the Treatment Access Expansion Project to improve access to early and comprehensive treatment for persons living with HIV/AIDS. Advocacy initiatives change as necessary to support administrative, appropriations, and legislative opportunities that expand the quality of life for persons living with HIV/AIDS. NAPWA's advocacy efforts depend on the generous contributions of people concerned about HIV and AIDS in America. Please join NAPWA today to support the voice of positive leadership!

NAPWA endorses the call for a National AIDS Strategy that is coordinated, outcome-oriented, and equitably inclusive of people living with HIV/AIDS. To learn more about the endorsing individuals and organizations as well as the components of the call to action, please click here.

More than 30 national HIV/AIDS organizations and leaders representing African-American, Latino, Native American/Alaska Native, and Asian & Pacific Islander communities came together at a historic event in New York City to discuss the AIDS crisis in communities of color. One of the outcomes of the meeting was the Partnership Paper outlining proposed actions for the next president of the United States and his administration. Review the Fighting HIV/AIDS in Communities of Color: An Action Plan for the Next President.

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