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Regional Meetings

For years, NAPWA followed traditional models of HIV/AIDS organizing - using national conferences as a platform to reach our constituents. After more than two decades of HIV, NAPWA has recognized that funding and constituent needs have changed. Advances in treatment and networking technology have profoundly affected our constituent needs. While treatment, care services, and health are still vital concerns, social networking opportunities can be more localized. In fact, NAPWA believes it is most effective when regional concerns of people living with HIV/AIDS can be articulated at a national level.

NAPWA will begin conducting one-day Regional Meetings in key locations. The NAPWA Regional Meetings have two goals in mind: 1) to increase knowledge about health, including treatment and care services; and 2) to increase social networking opportunities. NAPWA will achieve the two goals through panel presentations, small group sessions, and formal and informal networking sessions. The Regional Meeting model has the advantage of being responsive to particular issues in a local community around stigma, access to care, and health legislation education. In addition, the Regional Meeting model is a different way for a national AIDS organization to conduct business: by reaching out to local regions and making sure that their voices and concerns are recorded in a timely and accurate manner.

Upcoming Meetings: