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NAPWA encourages you to use this week as an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of HIV testing. In partnership with the National HIV Testing Mobilization Campaign, NAPWA invites you to:

  1. Download the editable PDF HIV/AIDS factsheets from the web links below;
  2. Customize them with your organizations information;
  3. Print and disseminate it throughout your networks and place them on your website.

Together, we can raise awareness of the need to get tested for HIV and help put an end to this preventable disease.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Date of Awareness Day Factsheet Download
African American February 7 Factsheet
Women March 10 Factsheet
American Indian Alaskan Native March 20 Factsheet
HIV Vaccine May 18
Asian Pacific Islander May 19 Factsheet
Caribbean American June 8
Americans June 27 (NHTD) December 1 (WAD) Factsheet
MSM TBD (September) Factsheet
Hispanic October 15 Factsheet
Senior N/A Factsheet
Youth N/A Factsheet